The Empire Strikes Back Poster

This has been a work in process for years. I finally have the entire cast PLUS George Lucas. Each signature has a story. Someday I'll write a book.

Laser Disk Start Wars Collection

At long last, I have all the signatures on this piece. Harrison signed it June 20th 2002 after doing the Letterman show thanks to Joe, one of New Yorks finest (The VERY finest as far as I'm concerned) who approached Harry and got the signature. He even used the silver pen.

Star Wars Fan Club Photo

Signed by all four of the actors.

R2D2 Project

Resin/Aluminum reproduction constructed from "pull" from Disney World Star Tours R2. Hologram light in the dome is an actual viscount 700 airplane light as used by LucasFilm in the original. Voice activated "beeps" and lights complete the effect.

Storm Trooper Helmet

This is an accurate reproduction of the original with all the proper details. The rounded eyes were replaced by flat ones. I stayed up half the night finishing this piece.

Real Han Solo Hero Blaster

Made with Master Replica parts. This is a real 1912 German Mauser with replica bull nose and real hensoldt wetzlar WWI era sniper scope. This is built exactly as the LucasFilm prop department did in 1976. A SPECIAL thanks to Vince Sanchez of Corellian Exports for hours of research and work locating the parts to make this model.

Empire Strikes Back Blaster

A 1912 German Mauser with real WW2 M19 tank scope. This is an exact reproduction using the original parts used by LucasFilm to make the production props. Vince Sanchez found the German Mauser for me at a California gun show. Thanks Vince. : )

British Sterling Machine Gun L2A3

This is the same model as the prop guns used in Star Wars Triology. This gun is complete with M38 WW2 Tank Scope. It also has a real Hengstler vintage counter box as used on most of the props.

British Sterling L2A3 Machine Gun

Another View

Margolan 22

This is a resin replica of rare russian .22 caliber pistol used by Luke and Leia in the original Star Wars

Greedo Killer Laser Pistol

This is my replica compared to the Lucafilm archive shot. Special thanks to Vince Sanchez of Corellian Exports for 2 years of work on perfecting parts with me.

Burger King Empire Strikes Back Counter Display

I found this display and translite at a toy show in the early 90's. I've never seen either piece for sale.

Burger King Counter Display 1978

Mint condition cardboard stage for Burger King Glasses. Obtained this display in an unopened store manager package with instruction sheet and translites and the entire collection of glasses. These are hard to find. The store managers usually threw them away at the end of the promotion.

1979 Coke Display

I don't know who distributed this 8 cup set display. The graphics are the same as the Burger King promotion. Anybody know?

Burger Chief Fun Meal

Table top promotional "tent" for fun meals. Yet another GREAT E-Bay find!

Me and Harrison

Taken before tapping at the Actors Studio February 14th, 2001. Harry is holding the shirt he wore in blade runner, which is owned by Greg Hanson who was with me. Harry hadn't seen it since 1981.

Mark Hamill and me

Taken in Milwaukee in January 2000 at the premiere of Marks last movie "Walking Across Egypt", which, by the way was an excelent movie.

Carrie and Me

This was taken in Disney World in May 2000 during Star Wars Weekend. This was the first time she had done a Star Wars event. She was on stage with Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett). They were both doing autographs. We stood on line for 9 hours (3am to noon) to be one of the 100 to get Carries autograph.

Billy "D" and me

This was taken October 2000 at Chiller Con in NJ. I'm shown with Billy and his lithograph titled "Empire Strikes Back". I bought one and he happily signed it.

James Earl Jones

Taken at Drew University in Madison NJ in June 2000. He signed my "Empire Strikes Back" poster.

Anthony Daniels and me!

This was taken at FAO Swartz party in NYC in 1996 at the opening of the Star Wars floor. Thnks for the picture Mr. Daniels.

My buddy Peter Mayhew (Chewie)

This was taken at Dragon Con September 2001. Peter attended the Planet Hollywood Star Wars party with his wonderful wife Angie.

Atari Arcade Machines

Empire Strikes and Return of the Jedi games which are in mint condition. They are pictured with the life size reproduction of Han in Carbonite. There were only 2500 of these cast by Illusive Concepts in 1997 from the original mold used for the prop.

Chiller Con October 2001

My pals at the annual NJ Sci Fi convention in 2001 at the Meadow Land Sheriton.

1980 Burger King Glass Display & 1995 Video Display

Burger King Glass Display

Unused and has complete store manager kit.

Burger King Super scene stamp collection Display

Unused counter display featuring laminated stamp album. WAY KOOL!

Burger King Display 1978

Hanging "Dangler" sign for poster promotion.

3rd and Last Star Wars Header Display

This is a very rare piece

Light Saber Display

This had very low distribution

Laser Rifle Laser Pistol Display

This is extremely rare

Laser Rifle Laser Pistol Display

The setup instructions for this display


Represented by the laser Rifle and Laser Pistol display

Boba Fett Header card

"Special Offer" sticker attached

Kenner Bin Header

This is the third and last bin header for the original Starwars Kenner figures (1979)

Action Figures

Original collection of 12 figures. Header, bin and figures.

Die Cast Ship Display

Variation - shows Darth Vader Tie Fighter on header. Most displays dont have this feature.

Omni Cosmetics Counter Display

Styrofoam stage with cardboard backdrop for soap bottles and boxes of soap.

Taco Bell 1997 SE kids meal display

Cardboard backdrop with rare bubble enclosure.

Kenner End Cap

This is an early promotional item.

Kenner Toy Center Box

Burger King Counter Display

Close up look at empire display for glasses

Star Wars Roleplaying Game

Life size standup of Han Solo and Boba Fett

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